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Derivative Citizenship


Derivative Citizenship

Many times people do not realize that they are United States citizens. Derivative Citizenship is the process whereby the Immigration and Naturalization Service will give you a Certificate of Citizenship proving that you are a United States citizen.

There are many ways that people are considered to be United States citizens. Many times, it will help people significantly to be citizens of the United States. Sometimes people are put in deportation proceedings, and have very little hope of not being deported. In these situations, they must explore the possibility whether they are a United States citizen through derivative citizenship.

Additionally, it is usually considerably faster to obtain the Certificate of Citizenship rather than going through the Naturalization process.


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  • edwin ronk -

    Good Day Mr Lerner,
    i went to us embassy on my own to process my derivative citizenship, unfortunately,i’m denied due to lack of evidence, like, a support coming from my dad when i was a minor, other than that i don’t know, but i have alot of evidence coming from my dad, is there any way we can do about this,is there a such thing about U.S. citizen , through grandfather and mother. pls let me know,how much is the consultation on this matter

    thank you so much God bless,
    edwin ronk

  • edward -

    hi edwin are you in contact with your dad? what are the papers you brought to the embassy? and did your dad igned your bc?

  • Gaby Becerra -

    Hello Mr Lerner,

    My grandfather was a U.S. Citizen, but my dad was born in Mexico. He’s about to get his citizenship (this year) with the help of my brother (My brother claimed him when he was 21 years old). I still don’t know why he couldn’t do it with my Grandpa. The only document that my father has from my grandpa is his U.S. Passport.

    I was born in Mexico, I haven’t been married and I have 33 years old. Is there any chance that I could fit in this derivative citizenship?

    Thank you soo much, God bless.

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