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We Specialize in Deportation Cases and all we do are Immigration Cases

Deportation Attorney
Are you in Deportation Proceedings? Today, many people are finding themselves in deportation / removal proceedings. Here the Immigration Judge and DHS try to deport you. However, there are many ways of avoiding the deportation
Is a loved on in immigration detention? ICE is picking people up at work, in their homes, at Court, after serving sentences. Don’t sign anything and call my office in order to determine how you can win a deportation / removal hearing
You want to stay in the U.S. with your family? Contact our office so our lawyers with over 35 years of experience can help you and your family

We have over 25 years of experience fighting deportation cases. Whether you or your loved one are in detention not, we can help you. Deportation cases are very complex and if you hire somebody without the necessary experience and years of manuevering through the Immigration Maze of Laws and Procedures, you could easily be deported.

Our National Immigration Law Office will give one free consultation to determine what can be done and how we can help you. If you are local to our offices, we will give an in-person consultation. Otherwise, we can give a telephonic consultation whereever in the U.S. or the world you live. On average, we will give about 30-40 consultations per week.

There are many different ways to fight and win a deportation hearing. Whatever you do, do not sign the voluntary deportation papers. It is very likely that an ICE official will misrepresent the reality of your case and what you are supposed to do. Many times, the way we fight the case will depend on the issues brought up by the Immigration Judge and the Trial Attorney from DHS

Immigration Law is Federal Law, and therefore, we represent people all over the U.S. It is better to get somebody who is an expert in the field of deportation law, rather than someone who happens to be local. Our physical offices are in Long Beach, California and Carson, California. However, we have clients all over the U.S.