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California Deportation Lawyer


  • Deportation can be scary and complex
  • We have nearly 25 years experience helping in deportation proceedings
  • The Immigration Judge in Removal / Deportation Hearings is not there to help you
  • Call us for a free initial deportation consultation
  • There are many ways to win and fight a deportation case
  • We can help even if you have crimes and/or no legal status


For a myriad of reasons, people find themselves in deportation or removal proceedings. In these proceedings the Immigration and Naturalization Service tries to deport you from the United States.

There are many ways of winning a deportation or removal case. Many factors depend upon how long you have been here in the United States, your family relationships, or whether you have a past criminal history. Our law represents numerous people in deportation proceeding. These people come from around the world.

We will do everything possible so that you or your loved one does not get separated across international borders. It is crucially important that you get legal representation as soon as possible to avoid adverse consequences of saying something in Immigration Court that will damage the outcome of the case.

Hiring a Deportation Attorney in Long Beach, Los Angeles is critical to the successful outcome of your case. Immigration Law is changing all the time. What used to be the law is no longer the law. What once was not permitted is permitted at the present time. There are regulations, laws, cases, memorandum, policy and many other factors. Many times people will think that completing a case is as easy as just filling out some forms. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated than this. A California Deportation Lawyer is able to look at all the areas of immigration law in order to determine how a particular situation might affect another area of immigration law. For example, somebody might come to the U.S. on a B2 Visitor Visa and get married two weeks later. They might look online to see the forms they need to complete to get a green card based on a marriage petition.

Then, at the interview, the case is denied and the applicant is deported. Why? It would have been fraud to get married within 30 days of entry to the U.S under those circumstances. A Deportation Lawyer in Long Beach would have clearly seen this issue and advised the clients what to do and how to avoid the allegation of fraud. Another situation might be somebody applying for naturalization in order to become a U.S. Citizen. Los Angeles deportation lawyers would explain that this person received their green card through employment and has no crimes, did not stay outside the U.S. for more than 2 weeks and has good moral character. Sounds easy? In this case, not only was the naturalization denied, but the person was put into deportation/removal proceedings. Why? Because it turns out that the company that petitioned the person for the green card went bankrupt prior to actually working at the company. The naturalization officer stated green card should never have been given. A deportation lawyer would have seen this issue and prepared the legal arguments accordingly to have a much better chance of winning.

The Long Beach Immigration Attorney states that there are hundreds of thousands of people here in the United States and in the Los Angeles area that are not here legally. They could most definitely use the services of a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney.

However, it is not just people who are here illegally. Deportation Attorney Los Angeles might explain that it is persons that came here legally on different types of nonimmigrant visas and perhaps want to change status. A Deportation Lawyer can prepare the proper change of status application such as to investment types visas such as E-2 Treaty Investor Visa or the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa or the L-1 Intra-company transferee. Additionally, there are many people who are actually outside of the United States that want to come to Los Angeles to either do business, immigrate through an employer or immigrate through a family member. A California Deportation Lawyer can prepare many different types of petitions such as the PERM process for the Green Card, or other non-immigrant visas such as the H-1B or O-1 or R-1, or perhaps family based petitions through a spouse or immediate relative. Additionally, Los Angeles Deportation Lawyers can prepare different types of petitions such as asylum, or the battered spouse petition or the U-1 visa for being a victim of crime. If you get a consultation from a deportation attorney Los Angeles, you can find out the best immigration path you can take.

You can search for all types of attorneys to help you. Legally they can. However, the reality is that deportation attorney Los Angeles is one that can help you with your immigration problem. Immigration Law is not a part-time endeavor. Rather, a deportation attorney will have knowledge of local procedure and process. Many times, that same California Deportation Lawyer will have to go to USCIS to make an Infopass appointment, or to check on the status of a case. Additionally, Los Angeles deportation Lawyers might have to go with you to the asylum office in Anaheim, or the district offices in San Bernardino, or the detention facility in downtown Los Angeles. Unlike other cities, counties or States, the Los Angeles immigration system is huge. A deportation lawyer will know what office is necessary to send the petition, application or documentation. It is much more difficult that it would appear when you have Immigration related offices all over the place. Most of the time the Los Angeles immigration attorney will be able to go with you or on your behalf to the immigration facility. The exceptions would be immigration court (where you can have a Los Angeles immigration attorney present, but you must show up) and secondary detention (where you must show, but primarily are not allowed to have a California Deportation Lawyer.


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  • sevak -

    we applied for asulym status in 2001 and got deny .
    we left usa in 2003 june , but after thet court gave us deportation in august 2003 . is this a valentare deportation ? when the deportation limit expired? can I marry to usa citizen ?

  • Jessie Cruz -

    Hi, I don’t know if you remember the conversation about the case of my my partner for almost five years of been related. Samuel Yankson who was deported on 7-9-12 or very close to that date for having alcohol issues. He was on probation and had some other issues about disordery conduct problems. However he was working on U.S for 15,years this is the green card num, A045462747, beside getting merry with him, what some other posibilties can help him to be allow in U.S or what process is required. Thanks for your patience, I hope I can hear from you very soon, God bless you.

  • Leodeneo E.Manzano -

    I lived in America for almost 8 years, I worked legally in U.S.for almost 7 years.I had a petition by my Spouse but it didnt workout.I had a Voluntary Deportation going back to the Philippines on May 2003 ,with Fraud case and Overstaying. Do I have to apply for Re-entry I-212, or I have to file first the Petition I-130? How much will you charged for this case?
    I am looking forward for your reply.

    Leo Manzano

  • marigin velacion -

    I was deported in year 2000 from the US for felony charges, been there since i was 4 years old. When i was incarcerated i volunteered for deportation instead of spending 5 years in prison. I am now working in Saudi arabia as a nurse.
    I want to know can i file the form I212 to re-enter back to the US? Where do i file it? Can i file it thru the US embassy in saudi arabia? What is my chances of coming back to the US?

  • Danijela -

    Hello Mr. Brian. I have few questions regarding my husbands returning back home to USA. My Husband is 37 years old he lived in Des Moines Iowa, and he’s been deported for about 2 years now to Bosnia. He was charged with aggravated felony in immigration court for a attempted burglary 3 degree. The state court gave him a jail time of 3 months and some court fines that he had to pay, witch he did, and this was 8 years ago. The deportation is for 10 years, its already been 2. We watched you’re video where u said that there is a way to return back to USA before the deportation is over. My husband doesn’t feel safe in Bosnia do to him being kept as a prisoner during the war. We have been married for almost 7 years and we have a daughter age 5, bout my daughter and I are citizens of USA. Please Mr. Brian is there any way that you could return him back home to US and reunite our little family. If there is a way how much would that approximately cost and how long would we wait, and what is our percentage of this dream coming true. I want to thank you in advance, and to ask you to please help us in any way that you can. GOD bless you Mr. Brian.

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