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Los Angeles Appeals Lawyer For Deportation Petitions

Deportation attorneys at our law firm prepare each and every kind of appeal regarding all types of petitions and applications under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Appeals can be made from the Immigration Court, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of State, the Department of Labor and many more.

Appeals go to many different types of entities. Depending on where the original denial came from, appeals can go to the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Unit, various Federal District Courts, various Federal Appellate Circuit Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

Appeals are extremely time sensitive. This means that if the appeal is sent one day late, you will have probably lost all chances to ever appeal the decision. Our law firm offers deportation lawyers that can get the appeal out in an expedited timely manner to ensure that you are protected.



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  • Jesus O. Montealegre -

    Hello Dr. Lerner, I am now in Colombia Southamerica, my case is that I used to live in U.S for almost 19 years, I came as a tourist, then later I married a U.S citizen girl, she apply for my papers, and everything was working good, even for us, well after some years our relationship started to get bad, some problems in our marriage, this ends up that she applied for a divorce, and I was working and living in U.S with my temporary resident card, and that is why I never got the permanent resident, well I was working and living like this, I went myself to the tampa office to applied for another year of resident, since my records were ok, never got in trouble with the law or anything like it, I stay like that for about 10 years, I was going to the tampa office, everytime I was there in the Tampa office I just got another year of resident until they decided something, meanwhile, my ex-wife from colombia came to U.S as a tourist, we end up toghether and we had two kids, in 2010 around september, I find out that I had an order of removal because the officer in Tampa office orderded and I never got a letter or anything like that, well I was scared with my family, what we did, we came back to Colombia, is been 3 years, our older son stayed there in U.S and he already applied for student resident visa, he was approved, well Dr. Lerner, please help me I need to apply again for a waiver, I never did anything wrong in the U.S, my email is :, please write me back and let me know if you can help me and if I can call you and speak with you and, thank you very much, God bless you.

  • Reyyna -

    My father was in jail and signed his release and that lead to him being deported. He has been in the U.S since early 80’s and had always had his taxes and everything in order but I just really want to know if there’s a chance of him ever being able to comeback to California. Please contact me. Is it true when u sign that release you can’t come back in ten years.? Help.

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