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Reg Labor Certification


Regular Labor Certifications in Los Angeles

Labor Certification is the process that begins the employment petition necessary to get your Green Card based upon a job offer by an employer. It is a process which takes some time, but could result in you obtaining you green card. You need to have an employer sponsor you through the entire process. Our firm will guide you through the entire process and make it as easy as possible for you.

We can help any employer who wants to sponsor an applicant. When you get an approved Labor Certification, it is proof that there are no available United States workers for the position offered by the employer. There are numerous job positions that are appropriate for a Labor Certification application. They range from computer specialists to teaching to mechanics to cooks to managers to landscapers (and everything in between.) Even if you do not have two years of prior experience, a Labor Certification can still be filed. It simply takes longer.

There are numerous immigration laws that could result in the denial of this visa if not properly prepared.  If the petition is put together correctly and professionally by a qualified immigration law firm, the chance of approval is greatly increased.