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Marriage Petition


Marriage Petition

This type of visa will allow you to obtain the Green Card for you, your spouse and your unmarried children under 21 years old. You can get the Immigration Green Card by marriage if the marriage is bona-fide. The immigration services done by our law office will be to prepare the petition so that the foreign national will have the end goal of becoming a lawful permanent resident.

If you marry a United States Citizen, you can begin the process immediately to get your Green Card. Depending on your current status and whether you entered the country legally, you can stay in the United States and Adjust your Status to that of a Lawful Permanent Resident. Otherwise, you may have to have the application prepared and sent to the United States Consulate of your home country.

If you have been married less than two years, you will get a Conditional Green Card. This means that two years later, you will have to file another petition to remove the Conditional Residency to prove the marriage is real.


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  • Nweke -

    what if i marry a ranked USA Military personnel who is living in the EU as myself, how long will my petition take
    to be approved ? Since i ‘m legally living in the EU , wld i need to file the petition at my home country ?

  • shawn -

    I am a US Citizen living in California and i want to bring a girl from Iran over to the USA is my only way through marriage any other way??

  • christian alvarez -

    i am US Citizen living in california and i want to bring my girlfriend from philippines and i was divorce before and i got all the papers and documents for my divorce. just want to know how much your fees for fiancé.

  • siaosi -

    I overstayed my visa for almost 20 yrs now.I live in Northern California and I been married and divorced wid one child which is 12 yrs old now and my ex-wife and I have join custody of the child.However I am engaged to my fiancee right now but we have a problems.She is now in NZ since April this year nd she is very sick nd the doctors stop her from flying and it doesn’t look good.She been sick the whole time and we afraid that she won’t be getting well any time soon.We both wanted to get married.We love each other so much and talking to each other everyday long distance it starting to takes its toll.very expensive and we made a decision coz she wants me to come over coz she goes to the hospital more often but the problems is I am illegal here and we feared if I step out the country I can’t come here for a long time but she is vey sick.My fiancee was in a coma here in the United States a couple of years ago nd she was well again but she is very sick after that and I am wondering if there is any ground that you can see here that you can help me gets a waiver to go to NZ for my fiancee coz she is very sick nd I am allow to go we will get married overthere we won’t be waiting to come back to the states to get married we will be married while I am in NZ the first day.If she isn’t sick and allow to come back here she will be here already and we been married and file my green Card but because of her illness and can’t fly anywhere therefore I am writting you nd asked you if u can help me coz I am feared to leave and then can’t be able to come back.Thank you very much .

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