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Status Adjustment


Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status is the procedure whereby you can obtain your Green Card without having to leave the United States, or to go to a United States Consulate for an interview. There are numerous ways to adjust your status.

We will provide immigration services done by a professional who knows all the laws of immigration and nationality law and will determine if you qualify for adjustment inside the U.S. Our law firm can find the correct path for you to take to get your status adjusted. Not only will we prepare all of the necessary applications, but we can also attend the interview with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Normally, this results in the entire process going smoothly and without any problems. Of course, if any problems arise, we know how to properly handle and take care of them.


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  • muhammad hameed -

    I live in U.S. last 12 year Immigration Judge Granted REMOVEL WITH HOLDING.IN 2006.I am living with family,my wife and one son.Have any legal way I got green card.Thanks
    Muhammad M Hameed
    220 littletion road APT # F8

  • Juvy Domagsang -

    Hi my case receipt number WAC-9408051829 status at USCIS saying that they send a documents to me and he post office returned as undelivered. But in reality I don’t received any documents from them and they are giving me 180 days from Sept 27, 2013 to call them back.

    My petitioner who is my father passed away already can my son who is 19 years old leaving in Alaska with my sister be the substitute sponsor in lieu of my father, me and my other son still here in the Philippines, I will be the best action before I call USCIS.

    thank you…

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