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Why Hire a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law

A description of why you should hire a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law

Sep 11, 2015 - - 118
Why does the State Bar Certify Legal Specialists?
  • +To help the public identify attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law

  • +To encourage the maintenance and improving of attorney competence in specialized fields of law

  • +To have immigration services done by a professional who knows all the laws of immigration and nationality law

Sep 11, 2015 - - 128
What Does it Mean When an Attorney is a “Certified Specialist”?
  • + The attorney has taken and passed a written examination in Immigration and Nationality Law
  • +The attorney has demonstrated a high level of experience in Immigration and Nationality Law
  • +The attorney fulfilled ongoing education requirements
  • +The attorney has been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with his or her work
Sep 11, 2015 - - 120
Advantages to having a Certified Specialist Work on your case
  • +Preparation of immigration petitions and applications is far more than just filling out forms.
  • +A certified specialist knows the overall picture and can discuss different strategies to help you choose the best one for your needs.
  • +There are numerous immigration laws that could result in the denial of this visa if not properly prepared. If the petition is put together correctly and professionally by a qualified immigration law firm, the chances of approval is greatly increased.
Sep 11, 2015 - - 114
What Can a Certified Immigration & Nationality Law Specialist Do for You?

-+ advise you, your family or your business so that you do not loose out to faulty immigration document preparation or failure to properly analyze your case

  • +identify problems and proactively avoid unnecessary expense, delays and rejection by the U.S. Immigration
  • +keep you current with changes in the law which affect legal rights or status and help with past mistakes
  • +protect your legal rights if contacted by the USCIS, ICE, CBP or other divisions of U.S. Immigration
  • +if apprehended by ICE , you need qualified representation in bond and deportation hearings to assure due process and appeal rights
  • +As an employer, representation at USCIS audits and investigations assures compliance with verification and hiring requirements and avoids fines or penalties
  • +protect your lawful residence status
  • +help you obtain U.S. citizenship
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  • craig squires -


    I am looking at my options for posible immigration to the United States. I have been looking at possibly setting at my own business for which I would need an E-2 visa, however there are some other avenues that I would like to explore. This is where I need someones expertise and guidence so I can fully aware of what avenues to explore.

    I wonder whether it would be possible to arrange a free consultation to explore my options.

    I very much look forward to hearing your response

    Kind Regards

    Craig Squires

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