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B2 What you generally need to get the Visitor/Tourist Visa

You must generally prove the following: 1. The foreign national (other than student, one performing skilled or unskilled labor, law enforcement, or representative of foreign information media). The B classification is not meant to be “a catch-all classification available to all who wish to come to the United States temporarily for whatever purpose.” Rather, it is to visit the U.S. 2. You have a residence in a foreign country (need not have his own home) 3. You have no intention of abandoning your foreign residence in your home country; and 4. You are Visiting temporarily for business or pleasure.


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  • Pearly -

    I am so confuse on how to get B2/tourist visa.I have an american boyfriend who lives in there,and he wants me go there to take a vacation.This is my first time to go to america,and im afraid to get denied,coz i dont know anything.I hope you could help me.Thank u.

  • Mamak -

    Hello Sir/Madam

    I am Iranian who applied for tourist visa for US from USA embassy in Dubai. In interview the officer asked me to mail image of my last Schengen visa that I got on Dec 2006. But unfortunately that is in my before last my passport. And that passport was destroyed by Iranian passport officer when he checked my document for giving me valid passport. Can you help me that how I can solve my problem? Can I ask from US embassy to enquiry from European Embassy about that ?

    Thank you

  • anne marie -

    Like to have a response, I have a UE passport I entry to USA without problem, a have a son married in USA and grand children, some times I would like to stay more than 3 months, Is there a way to prolong the stay… thanks, merci



    HOW R U ?

    I am living in India. I am working in STATE GOVERNMENT, IT IS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. I Just want to enquire from you about VISITOR VISA B2. As my planning to visit USA for tourist purpose only- nothing else. I am married and having three kids and my wife is also woking lady, she is teacher in Cambridge International School, Jalandhar. We both earning around US$ 6250 per annum. I am satisfied with my job. I want to know how to preapre a case , what is the appropriate Amount of money i need for a visitor visa in USA, what are the essential documents i need when i apply to USA EMBASSY in india, if i get the NOC from my department for visiting USA is it sufficent or not.

    Please tell me sir about these procedure.

    with regards

  • María -

    I’m mexican, only i and my family want to visit my sister, she is resident, i have visa but my brother, his wife and three songs don’t have the visa, How we get their visas like a turist???

  • Luzviminda E. Ishimaru -

    Hello Sir/Madam,I am a Filipina residing in Osaka Japan,a permanent residency in Japan.How to apply tourist visa for Chicago,where,how to apply U.S. visa.Hoping for your kind understanding…Thank you so much!

  • Leonora A Espino -

    Dear: Sir/Madam, I am Filipino residing in Magnusvillie Sub.Batangas City,Pallocan west Batangas City, am 67 year old, I want to apply tourist visa with my husband in San Francisco retired government employee for almost 43 years and want to see a beautiful place like america for the rest of my life . Hoping for your kind and consideration. “God Bless”… Thank you very much.

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