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J-1 Trainee Worker


J-1 Trainee Worker

This is the Training/Student Visa. It is very versatile and allows you to come to the United States to either get training or study at numerous institutions and organizations. This visa allows you to get trained in areas of discipline ranging from the medical to the agricultural to business fields. 

This visa does not need prior Immigration and Naturalization approval, and therefore, can be obtained quickly. You must have either a sponsoring school, organization or business.

It is sometimes easier to get this visa than the F-1 Student Visa, but does carry some other significant restrictions.


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  • ari gashi -

    hi .i am ari gashi from Kosovo.
    i am student and for 4 month i am staying in USA.I HAVE visa and i have right to stay here until septemgre .I have J-1 visa for student.
    i have a questin if you can help me.
    i have some of my friends in canad and i want to wisit. Can i enter to Canda and to return beck in USA with this kind o visa J-1.

    all the best Ari gash

  • hamza ait -

    as i was visiting the country as a tourist i found a great opportunity, a restaurant that i would like to open in my country morocco, the owner offered me a training for one year can i stay here and change my B-2 into a J-1?

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