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O-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien


 O-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien

If you are an extremely talented alien, you may qualify for this visa. If you are a company that regularly searches for the top talent in the world, these persons can come to the United States as an Extraordinary Ability Alien. The usual fields of accomplishment range from various artistic to business to athletic fields.

You can come temporarily for the expected length of time they are needed. You can later apply for the Green Card on the basis that you are an extraordinary ability alien. These persons are highly valued by the United States, and therefore, the visas can be approved very quickly.

Your spouse and unmarried children can come to the United States once your visa is approved. Additionally, you children can go to school in the United States without a problem.

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  • Yan -


    I am a assistant director of film and television. I have everything needed except the talent agent, what I don’t know if I really need it, because the job offer that I got its gonna be for 3 years and for the employer its ok to be my petitioner.

    I have all the documents of the requirements ready and all the documents supporting me as an experienced assistant director and director too. Also I got an offer from a production company as assistant director for three years.

    If this is OK I wanna know if you are interested in to work with me and how much are the rates that you are asking for.

    Thank you for your attention.


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