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Q-1 Cultural Exchange


Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visa

This visa allows you to come to the United States to exchange your culture with the United States. This can be done in a variety of ways from teaching to performing to other means of exchanging your culture. Many times you may not qualify for other types of visas and this particular visa gives you a viable alternative.

This visa is valid for the time necessary for the cultural program to be completed.

Your spouse and unmarried children can come to the United States once your visa is approved. Additionally, you children can go to school in the United States without a problem.

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  • Mr Yogesh Sharma -

    please guide me how to come fast and easy to visit USA for travel With my Thailand Family . Last year i do marry in thailand now i am in thailand . i want to visit with my wife for honeymoon .before of near to Valentine for 5 to 6 days . i not have any friend in usa ho can give me visa sponsorship . so please guide me and give me your chat id of live chat or skype chat . i can comfort talk with you easy . i am waiting your answer .

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